The Approaching Storm Testimony

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There was a storm at my house about 7 years ago. The thunder was rolling nonstop so I stepped outside because I love watching storms & I had never witnessed a storm with rolling thunder like this before.

My son Jacob followed me outside & he was gabbing like kids do so I told him “Be quiet, I’m trying to teach you something”. I was probably a little surprised that he didn’t ask what I was trying to teach him but he did remain silent for a minute. Then he looks up at me & says “Dad… A storm is coming…. to bring the light…. for the people”. I looked down at him knowing it wasn’t him that was speaking but God that was speaking to me through him.

Shortly after my son found a bottle of citronella bug spray on the porch where we were standing and he sprayed it a few times on the ground near my feet. The smell was so strong that I moved to the steps nearby to get away. I sat down on the steps and he sat down snugly against me and said “Dad, God says, but still I love you”.

His comforting and assuring words, “But still I love you” come to my mind often during these days we’re living in.

When I sin I hear Him saying, “But still I love you”. When I see all the evil in this world and how fast it’s all escalating I hear Him saying, “But still I love you”. When I’m hated and treated indifferently by this world for His names sake I hear Him saying “But still I love you”.

7 years ago this was an approaching storm testimony but now, the storm is obviously here and we’re in it.

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